A Visit to Capri - A Honeymoon Destination

An early start was needed for a visit to the island of Capri. We walked into Sorrento and boarded the hydrofoil for a 45 minute journey across to the famous island. During the crossing we were approached by a guide offering to show us 'where all the rich people live'on Capri. But for us, this wasn't the draw of our destination so we politely declined and made our own way on arrival.

Capri harbour (Marina Grande) was a bustling place, with a vast selection of tours available. We bypassed these in favour of our own, unguided exploration of the island. A cable car ride from the harbor allows visitors to scale the soaring hillside up to the town of Capri itself. On seeing the queue for this service, we decided on a walk. Now this walk was definitely not for the fainthearted. Some of the inclines between the houses nestled upon the hill are, shall we just say, steep! But the view as we looked back over the rippling blue bay is breathtaking.

Once you make it to the top the array of small shops are delightful to wander around. The viewing areas over the panoramic hillside areas are absolutely gorgeous and the photo opportunities are immense, and definitely a bigger draw for me than the shops.

Whilst on Capri it's a must to wander around and we managed to walk over the top of the island towards the Marina Piccola and down to the secluded cove, where little beaches and restaurants can be found.

The restaurant we decided upon for lunch, was literally out to sea. We sat with the waves lapping up to the rocks just below us, the setting was gorgeous. Yet another three course lunch with a local bottle of Falanghina white wine. A very distinctive taste, one where I am sure you can taste Vesuvius.