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Attractions to Conquer in Fiji Islands   by Phil Durrel

in Travel / Destinations    (submitted 2011-11-30)

Located in the South Pacific Ocean and northeast of New Zealand's North area, Fiji Islands welcome you to its natural attractions like long stretch of sandy beaches, majestic waterfalls, and the mesmerizing beauty of its islets. If you are looking for a relaxing place to visit, Fiji Islands should be on top of your list. There are cheap flights in Perth that you can avail of so you can save money in your long-sought visit to the isle of Fiji.

Here are the attractions in Fiji Islands waiting for you to explore.

- Mamanuca Islands is home to over 30 islets with 10 luxury resorts. You can explore all these on a day cruise, and have a picnic along the beachfront. Enjoy the pristine waters and picturesque scenery that will surely lure you to take a plunge. You can go snorkelling and be amazed with the biodiversity of the living creatures under the sea, do not forget to count in the excitement of a dolphin show. You can even explore further and visit the Yasawa Islands. It is a group of volcanic islets with coral rich reefs. Islet hopping is sure to fill your day with exhilarating pleasure. You may opt to visit 3-5 islets to enjoy fully your quest for adventure.

- Navala Village welcomes you to the olden times where houses are constructed using traditional materials like bamboos. Fill your eyes with this most picturesque parade of bures (houses). You will also be greeted by the natives and let you drink Fijian juice made from Yagona roots. The road going to the village is quite bumpy but you will enjoy breathtaking views along the way. Include this laid-back venture in your itinerary and you will surely appreciate its beauty. Avail of cheap flights in Perth so you can have the chance to visit this superb place.

- Bouma National Park is a must-see destination in Fiji. You can take a glimpse of its lush forest, volcanic peaks and cliffs reaching further into the sea. If you are an adventurous traveller, then you can try traversing the way leading to the beautiful Bouma Falls. Its fascinating beauty will invite you to take a plunge and enjoy the rampaging waterfalls.

- Aerial sightseeing is also something you can venture for, one in which you surely would not want to miss. You can choose to ride in either a helicopter or a seaplane to witness the enchanting beauty of the Mamanuca Group of Islands. The scenery is a great avenue to appreciate the beauty of creation and that of life.

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