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Australian Bream Fishing - Tournament Bream Fishing

Bream fishing in Australia is becoming huge, from its humble statue the bream is fast becoming an iconic fish in Australia. The bream fishing I am talking about is known as bream spinning as it is done using lures only, on light 2 to 4 kilo graphite rods with spin reels.

The explosion in this style of fishing has lead to a very healthy tournament scene not unlike the American bass fishing scene.Employing nearly an identical format to that of the US bass scene. Anglers are paired together on a boat and are allowed 7 hours to go out and catch 5 bream, they are then brought back to a weigh master, who weighs the five fish together and the angler with the heaviest bag of bream wins the tournament.

Every year the prize money grows as more and more people get involved,what started as a couple of tournaments a year has now got to the stage that events are being held nearly every weekend.The main tournament body is known as the ABT (Australian Bream Tournaments) there have been other tournament body's start up as well but none are as big or as organized as the ABT.

Bream by nature are a flighty, spooky fish in that they can sense danger be it a predator or a fisherman and they will quickly disappear. During the hot summer months they can be found near shorelines in very shallow water, so the angler needs to employ stealth tactics to be successful in tricking these smart fish into taking an artificial bait or lure.