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Bass Fishing Tournaments

Bass fishing tournaments can be very fun and great for kids too. I have been fishing in bass tournaments with my son fro the last 5 years and we have had a great time. This article will talk about the advantages of joining a local bass club and entering some tournaments with your kids.

The greatest day of my life...

I will never forget the experience of seeing my 13 year old boy fighting a 4 pound large mouth bass in our first bass tournament. We finished in last place that day, but in my eyes we won 1st place and have had many million dollar experiences since that time on lake together.

So, what does it take to get started in competitive bass tournaments?

The good news is that you do not need a fancy boat - You don't even need a boat at all in order to join your local club and begin fishing in bass fishing tournaments. You will be classified as a non boater and they will pair you up with someone who has a boat. You will almost always fish with a partner in the local club rank tournaments. Of course it is common courtesy to give the owner of the boat some money for gas and also for the wear and tear on their boat. It is best to give them this share before the tournament begins.