Beautiful Fiji - My First Trip Out of the USA

We were spoiled right off the bat by cruising several small islands in Fiji, visiting remote Fijian villages, swimming, snorkeling and playing in some of the most beautiful azure waters in the world. We spent our first night in Fiji at the beautiful Westin Hotel located right on the beach. Our room, on the first floor, had a gorgeous view of the South Pacific Ocean through our sliding glass doors.

This is an ideal time for North Americans to take a trip to Fiji for that reasonably priced holiday, wedding ceremony or romantic getaway. There is an assortment of airlines flying to Fiji making it easy to reach. Fiji is one of the main travel hubs in the vast expanse of ocean, which means that overall travel in Fiji is both efficient and comfortable.

Fijime is Fiji's authorized tourist website with complete trip information regarding the entire nation. Fijime covers everything from accommodations, activities, local history, and country specifics. One will find several maps with links to pictures and trip itineraries concerning Fiji's finest beaches and islands.

Fiji travel guides can be found at local book stores and provide vital information to tourists about their destination. Travel guides cover famous places and destinations off the beaten path you won't forget. Travel guides offer detailed travel information with names of accommodation and helpful Fiji maps and pictures; they can be the perfect tool for planning your travel.

Check Fiji newspapers available to you to find a broad range of advice on things to see and do in and around the islands of Fiji.

Should you need assistance, local Fijians are happy to advise you on the optimum ways to tour the Fiji islands and other islands that you long to discover. Most tourists will discover an infinite quantity of things to view and things to do in Fiji.

Fiji welcomes anyone visiting their rainforests where one will find a plethora of animated birds and there aren't any detrimental insects. Coral reefs are close to the shoreline for snorkeling.

Check with the Travelers' Health page of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for vaccinations needed before visiting Fiji and make certain that all your vaccinations are current.