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Biggest Walleye Fishing Tournaments

There are tournaments for all types of fishing, especially for the species that are most popular among anglers, which is why you'll find plenty of walleye fishing tournaments, especially in the northern United States and in Canada. Especially in Ontario, where there are infinite locations to fish for walleye, you'll find a number of tournaments in which to participate. Don't worry if you don't get in on one of the big ones; there are plenty of smaller tournaments where you can get your feet wet as a newcomer or amateur that may even be better as a starting point, with fewer competitors equaling a better chance at one of the small prizes.

A large amount of these walleye fishing tournaments take place in Northwestern Ontario. For example, on Rainy River in Emo, Ontario, you'll find the Emo Walleye Classic, taking place usually in late May. This is a catch and release tournament that offers somewhere in the neighborhood of $36,000 in prizes. Around the same time, you can visit Red Lake and partake of or simply observe a very special tournament. The Angler & Young Angler Walleye Fishing Tournament targets those under the age of 18 who enjoy fishing and aspire to become competitive anglers. This gives them a chance to work with friends and family to compete in a real tournament that can give them experience for the future. Other sessions are held toward the beginning of July at Wabigoon Lake near Dryden and at the Lake of the Woods in the Kenora area in mid August, allowing youths an additional opportunity to participate in walleye fishing tournaments.