Couran Cove Island Resort - One Day Is Never Enough

Day trips to Couran Cove Island Resort should come with a warning! Perhaps something simple like an Oliver Twist Clause - "Please sir, I want MORE!" One day at this resort on South Stradbroke Island is simply not enough.

Families with children can enjoy this resort, just as much as couples of any age looking for a quiet retreat or romantic getaway.

Day tripping to Couran Cove Island Resort is an option - particularly if you are are short on time, but has limited availability depending upon how busy the resort is.

There is, however, no doubt that staying on the island is the best option to really take advantage of all that this incredible resort has to offer.

Couran Cove Resort is located about halfway up the western side of South Stradbroke Island. The entrance by water is through a discrete inlet straight into the "cove" or marina that part of the resort is build around.

Couran Cove has all the conveniences and luxury you would expect of a modern resort, but the location on the picturesque sand island of South Stradbroke is what really makes this a very special location.

The modern resort is nestled in amongst the native bush and set around the inlet on the Broadwater side of the island. It is only a short trip to the surf beach, a tinnie ride to great fishing, a boat trip to see the whales, turtles or dugongs or step outside the resort straight onto bushwalking tracks. This resort has all bases covered.

Couran Cove Island Resort has a variety of accommodation styles and configurations, restaurants and cafes to suit most tastes, pampering in the Resort Day Spa and Rejuvenation Center, sports and activities for all ages and stages and a structured activity program for the children in the Kids Club.