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Cuba Gears Up for Next Jardines Del Rey Fishing Tournament in October - Travel - Destinations

Cuba Gears Up for Next Jardines Del Rey Fishing Tournament in October   by Diego

in Travel / Destinations    (submitted 2012-09-19)

For sport fishing fans and amateurs alike, Cuba's forthcoming fishing tournament in Jardines del Rey will present them with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy Cuba holidays while participating at the third edition of the Big Game Trolling fishing competition, which this year will be taking place in Cayo Guillermo's International Marlin Marina.

The third annual edition of the “Big Game Trolling” fishing tournament in the environmentally protected Jardines del Rey archipelago will soon be taking place next month from 15th to 20th October in the crystalline waters of Cayo Guillermo, a pristine key located in Cuba’s Ciego de Avila province. The competition will be staged at the Cayo Guillermo International Marlin Marina.

Everyone is invited to participate in the annual tournament; amateur fishermen, anglers, fans of sport fishing or spectators enjoying holidays in Cuba at the time of the event are all welcome, whether they are club members or not. Foreign fishing federations that wish to learn more about Cuba’s ocean waters and its inhabiting species are also invited.

This year’s event, according to sources from Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism, seeks to develop the island’s local fishing potential while helping develop other fishing-related activities and water sports.

Image by: worldtraveller5, on Flickr

Those wishing to compete or planning to attend the tournament as part of their Cuba holidays in Jardines del Rey should book their entry in advance as spaces are limited. For participants the registration fee is 350 CUC (approximately £220) per crew of one to four fishermen. For the first fisherman the fee is 100 CUC, while the total for renting a boat for the entire duration of the whole fishing tournament (four days and a half) costs 1,800 CUC.

At the moment various planners, workers and managers are hard at work in preparation for the event, speeding up conditions for the tournament, which will be subject to the rules of the International Association of Sports Fishing using the tag-and-release method.

Winners of the event will win prizes in three different categories, according to the total of points accumulated with the first prize being awarded to the team or individual that catches the largest marlin.

Image by: solmeliacuba, on Flickr

Each member of the jury will have a nautical chart or map of the fishing area which will be used to represent the catch. The area of the tournament will comprise up to 3 miles north and north-east of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, in the Old Bahama Channel.

The full schedule will consist of registration, captain meeting and welcome reception. There will be three full days of fishing with a day off after the second full day. The awards ceremony and farewell party will wrap up the tournament. For event participants single and double rooms will be available at preferential prices at the Sol Melia Cayo Guillermo hotel in Jardines del Rey.