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Dream Island Resort in Damdama Lake is a beautiful adventure Resorts In Gurgaon and located just 44 kms from Delhi. Dream Island Resort in Damdama Lake is a unique place reachable only by boat in the middle of Damdama Lake. This fairy tale island resort is an eco friendly place created in an ethenic fashion with loads of fun. The ambience at Dream Island Resort in Damdama Lake is so natural and relaxing that after having spent a little while at the resort everyone just meshes with the surroundings as man is also a creation of the same nature. In this green land in the middle of Damdama Lake a person feels one with mother nature. The activities and accommodation all have been devised in a fashion not to disturb nature but to be able to get the maximum enjoyment from nature. Dream Island Resort right in the middle of Damdama Lake approachable only by boat is a picturesque place. Dream Island just about 45 Kms from Delhi is an appropriate place for day picnics or weekend getaways far from the maddening crowd. A place in the middle of nature to relax and enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, rain dance, boating, adventure, birdwatching, music, fishing or just lazing around in nature.For people looking for a weekend getaway also it an ideal place so close to Delhi or Gurgaon that in a jiffy one reaches at Damdama Lake. Once you take the boat and cross over to Dream Island you get cut off from all the pollutions of today's times wether it be noise or smoke. The only sounds are the birds tweeting or the pure Oxygen that one breaths in. The accommodation in this oasis of green in the middle of Damdama Lake is too beckoning to resist. The rooms are totally eco friendly wether it be the airconditioned rooms or the aircoolled rooms/ swiss cottage tents. All with the basic facilities & comforts like attached toilets etc. All the rooms or swiss tents nestle into nature totally invisible from outside. It takes less than one hour of driving from Delhi and only 30 minutes from Delhi Airport to reach Dream Island. There are four independent cottages and five ethnic village-styled rooms at the island. Modern facilities & amenities take care of visitors coming here. A beautiful environs cherishes you and the lake & hills just put you amid the nature. The best option to reach here is by boat, though one can also reach by car; through a jungle drive. Dream Island is an ideal place for training program, leisure retreat for couples and families and weekend breaks. You would feel fresh and may be rejuvenated on your visit at this island and your adventuresome attitude also gets excellent feeds once you involve yourselves in activities like Artificial Rock climbing, Valley Crossing, Burma bridge, Commando Bridge, Travoline Trevasse, Commando Net, Australian Trolley, Double Trouble, Blind Fold Commando, Tug of War, Cricket with soft ball, Music & Dance, Rain Dance, and Swimming. The entire day is not enough to have experience of each adventure activities. No dull moment is combined with your ultimate adventure-list, not even when the sun goes down!

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