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Easy Effective And Affordable Home Cleaning Tips - Home - Home Repair

Easy, Effective And Affordable Home Cleaning Tips   by Mathew Leonard

in Home / Home Repair    (submitted 2011-09-07)

Home cleaning is an amazing art. There is no dearth of home remedies which help in getting rid of these stinks and stains. It is better to take a timely action, on the spills, especially in the oven and in the refrigerator, as it is hard to remove them, once they stick to the surfaces.

Cleaning is the most tedious job in all house maintenance jobs. Everybody wants to keep his home germ-free and tidy all the time. Some people consider it sheer fun to take a day off and spend it all on house cleaning, instead of hiring some pricey home cleaning company. Moreover, you don't have to cut down your expenses, if you do home cleaning in a do-it-yourself fashion.

Is there a magic wand made for home cleaning? Everyone would love to have one, to perform all the home cleaning by mere moving the wand. Come out of your Utopian world and face the stark reality of life, where one has to take good care of the cleanliness of a home.

Here are some guidelines on the basis of which you will be able to manage home Cleaning London in a more organized way.

Prepare a plan for home cleaning

Planning is a stepping stone to success. Prepare a plan to set the priority areas of cleaning. If you have guests coming at your place in the weekend, you must concentrate on the living area first. Choose weekends for cleaning tasks, as your family members can lend you a helping hand in this tedious task.

Use calender for making a cleaning schedule

Make a cleaning schedule as well as a check list of the cleaning tasks. Divide the tasks to be performed yearly, monthly, bi-monthly and weekly basis. This will minimize the stress involved in cleaning.

There are ample home remedies which effectively remove spills and stains from kitchen appliances as well as from the bathroom tiles. Here are some daily home cleaning tips for kitchen and bathroom.

Cleaning tips for kitchen

Add a few tablespoons of vinegar with the dishwasher to give that extra shine to your dishes.

Sprinkle some salt over the spills in your oven, to remove them immediately.

An old stained sink can be cleaned with a lemon with some salt on it.

Cleaning tips for bathroom

Shower curtains can be washed on gentle cycle by adding a pinch of white vinegar to make them stain free.

Cleaning products with phosphoric acids can remove water stains from bath tubs and showers.

Your house should be beautiful and livable, whether it is big or small. The more you will delay home tasks, the more it will seem to multiply. Don't wait until cooking oil, grease and debris builds up on your kitchen surfaces, as you would have to spend comparatively more time scrubbing these filthy area. Wipe down the dirty surfaces on a regular basis, to save both time and energy.

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