Fiji Honeymoon

Longer pure whitish sandy beaches for walking hand in hand, the ocean breeze fleeting the hair of your loved one to go hither or thither, sunset dazzling turquoise water; the best method to go for an exotic and romantic honeymoon. Honeymoon is once in a lifetime experience that nobody wants to forget. Thus, flee to Fiji Islands, wherein wonderful carefree days are pursued by the romantic nights. Fiji is the utmost romantic destination of South Pacific.

The Fiji vacation is ideal escape with several activities; Fiji has 330 islands where one may snorkel, scuba diving in utmost attractive tropical reefs of world, perform kayaking, going to coral lagoons, waterfalls, national parks, and tropical rain-forests for trekking. Big gourmet dining, luxurious spas and mind blowing shopping are ideal for this kind of vacation.

Fantastic beaches are there such as Coral Coast in south west where sugar cane fields, lagoons, and amazing view is bountiful.

Small islands are there bordered by whitish sand beaches, bigger islands having magnificent landscapes. Few have extraordinary and attractive flora with fauna.

You would be charmed by Fijian people having the expression in various customary arts and crafts that are dance, wood-carving and pottery.

Suva is the capital city of Fuji. Fiji has a tropical climate all over year. Suva is a main port and contains stylish and multicultural air.

One more island's reference point is Nadi town on west coast that features an interesting temple with eclectic market for wandering round.