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Fiji's Islands and Beaches   by Spencer Foxx

in Travel / Travel Tips    (submitted 2011-09-08)

Turtle Island

No island offers more privacy than Turtle Island. This island is very exclusive and only a few visitors are allowed to stay on this private island. Turtle Island provides a very intimate and romantic experience perfect for couples who have just wed, renewing their vows or would want to re-ignite the sparks in their relationship. There are about 14 beaches in this resort and only 14 couples are allowed to stay here so in effect if you wish to come here with your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend you could literally have a beach all to your own.

This island is also famous for being in a movie before. The movie Blue Lagoon, which starred Brooke Shields, was shot here and the owner of the island was so happy to see people on his property that he decided to turn the whole island into a resort, an exclusive one at that. This island has been described by Conde Nast Traveler as a venue that is “hyper-romantic” due to its intimate surroundings. Couples can enjoy the best of what life has to offer here with a traditional Fijian wedding or French Champagne gourmet beach-side picnics. They could use the private beaches and private cottages or bures and claim it as their own, even for a little while. Guests could also go horseback riding on the beach, get a soothing massage, or have a romantic dinner by the beach. Everything is possible, and more romantic, here in Turtle Island.

The Yasawa Group Of Islands

If you're on a tight budget but would still like to enjoy the beauty and elegance of Fiji's islands and beaches then perhaps you might want to visit the Yasawa Islands. This island group were formed through volcanic activity, as most of Fiji's other islands are, and they provide guests one of the best island-hopping experiences ever. The Yasawa Islands are only two hours away from Nadi if you ride a fast traveling ferry. You could also ride aboard some catamarans that go to one Yasawa island to the next every day. Most of the resorts in the Yasawa group of islands hire catamarans to transport their guests from one island to the next so you're sure to get a ride to these islands if you can't get on board a ferry. Most of the Yasawa islands have resorts that are budget-friendly and these venues are usually frequented by backpackers or weekend travelers. In these islands you could find hostels that are cheap, although some of them lack proper sanitary measures. But the good thing about this group of islands is that they have the best beaches in all of Fiji. Despite the lack of luxurious accommodations in this group of islands the white-sand beaches, the pristine waters of the ocean and the colorful coral reefs that you will find on the ocean floor are enough to dispel any hesitation from any tourist with regard to staying here.

The Mamanuca Islands

Another group of islands that you should visit are the Mamanuca Islands. This island group is also famous among tourists and locals. There are only a few island resorts on Mamanuca which is why a lot of tourists prefer to stay here because of the privacy and exclusivity that it offers. Also, a lot of locals claim that the Mamanuca islands is the real Fiji because traditional practices are still done here and most of the people live a very laid back life in this idyllic island group.