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Green Carpet Cleaning San Diego Review - Business - Service Reviews

Green Carpet Cleaning San Diego Review   by Brian Garvin And Jeff West

in Business / Service Reviews    (submitted 2012-06-25)

Green Carpet Cleaning is a San Diego based company that serves not only San Diego, California customers, but customers in the surrounding areas as well. Their unique selling proposition is that they use organic cleaning supplies on their jobs. This company does offer commercial cleaning as well as flood and water damage services. If you have an emergency flood situation in your home, you will be able to call green cleaning and have them assess your situation.

What makes Green Carpet Cleaning different from a lot of other San Diego cleaners is that their restoration carpet cleaning solutions are organic as well as non-toxic. Maintaining awesome looking wall-to-wall carpets, as well as that crisp, fresh look that only an ultra clean carpet could have is the mission of this company. They also specialize and are proud to offer carpet protection solutions as well.If you visit their website, one thing you'll realize is that they have a click to call image on there which basically dials out the ring central, which is a third-party phone service. Once you enter your phone number, you can choose a call back anywhere between 10 seconds and 1 min. As far as their carpet cleaning service goes, their organic cleaners eliminate destructive bacteria strains by first disinfecting your carpets. Also dust mites as well as pet hair are always a big problem, and Green Carpet Cleaning makes sure all of these allergens are removed.

One thing we all hate our carpet stains, but these are an unfortunate reality for any homeowner these days. In a perfect world, we would all have fresh carpets that we could show off to all of our friends and family members. Green Carpet Cleaning can get rid of virtually any stain you have. Their organic cleaning solutions will also ensure that your favorite pets and family member stay safe. It's always a pleasant experience, to look at a nice soft carpet.

Upholstery cleaning is another service offered by Green Carpet Cleaning. They specialize in using Scotchgard on their carpet cleaning missions. When you Scotchgard, your carpets will smell fresh and looks very clean. They offer you the choice to choose between their Scotchgard protection methods or their deep cleaning methods or a combination of them. It doesn't really matter what type of upholstered fabric you have, chances are this San Diego based cleaning company will be able to service it. Different types of furniture require different cleaning methods, and they will decide which method is best for you based on the type of furniture you own.

I don't think any of us want to even entertain the thought of having flood damage in our home. However, the reality is, it can happen to anybody at any time without warning. If this does happen you, you will need to get a hold of a company like Green Carpet Cleaning to come out and fix these problems for you. The first thing they will do, is extract the water out of your home, which will be done by their professional technicians.

Next, they will place structural dehumidifiers over the flooded areas in your home, so these areas will dry as rapidly as possible. Even if your house gets flooded at 2:45 AM, you can count on this company to come out and fix it without any hassles or complaints. Water damage can be pricey, so you might want to ask them if they'll accept your homeowners insurance. Most companies like this do, and before you approve a job that could end up being thousands of dollars, you should consider checking with your homeowners insurance company to ensure that they'll pay, as well as agree with them on what the deductible will end up being.

One thing I noticed about Green Carpet Cleaning when visiting their website, is that they allow you to pay conveniently through either Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. When I first took a look at their website, I originally got the impression that they only performed commercial carpet cleaning services in San Diego, CA. The reason I thought this, was because this wasn't emphasized on the rest of their website, but they did mention it on their about us page which was cool. They have a team of skilled carpet cleaners who take pride in their work and strive to please their large customer base.