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HEPA Air Cleaning Systems The Most Advanced Air Cleaning System on the Market

One of the issues of living in an area with extreme temperatures is the need for an air conditioning and heating system that will be used for most months of the year. Whether you are heating or cooling your home, the use of your comfort system will generally mean the windows will remain closed and the same stale air will re-circulate through the house. A whole-house HEPA air cleaner can save the day by providing you with clean, allergen free air to breathe.

Our homes are filled with toxins and potential allergens. Especially for sensitive people like children, the elderly or those suffering from asthma and other respiratory issues, the home can be a dangerous place. Consider the debris travelling in the air from your pets, dust, pollen, dust mites and mold. Do you want to be breathing all that?

What are Whole-house HEPA air cleaners?

HEPA is the acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. These air cleaners are similar to the HEPA filters used for clean rooms and hospitals. The Honeywell brand of HEPA Air Cleaner connects to the return air duct and uses a three-stage filtration system. As millions of airborne elements and gases travel through your heating and cooling system four to five times every hour, the HEPA Air Cleaner effectively filters 1/3 to 1/2 of this dirty air through its system. Your home can reach as many as 67 whole-house air changes per day depending on its size and the air cleaner model. When you add a Honeywell Electronic or Media Air Cleaner to your return air, your home can achieve from 96 to 120 whole-house air changes per day for a living environment with cleaner air.

Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner

Advanced three stage filtration

Captures up to 99.97% of particles

Activated carbon filter helps reduce odors

What are the benefits of Whole-house HEPA air cleaners?

Imagine a home without toxins and allergens. Cleaner air means cleaner living. We all understand that the weather or outdoor pollutants do not always permit us to throw open a window in our homes. Whole-house HEPA air cleaners solve this problem. By cleaning the air that must recycle through our homes, we are effectively giving our families new air to breathe. And that is something that will make us all breathe a little easier.

How Can I Get the Most out of My Whole-house HEPA Air Cleaner?