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Honeymoon in Island Fractional Property   by Mercedes Jones

in Real Estate / International Property    (submitted 2011-03-31)

Do you have Island Fractional Property? Are you about to plan your honeymoon? Well what better place to be than the Caribbean for your honeymoon. If you have visited the islands before then you may know about some of the activities available, however there are some activities which are perfect for romantic times on your honeymoon.

The Caribbean is known for its beautiful beaches and perfect weather to relax and enjoy spending time together in, once you have decided on the Caribbean for your honeymoon then it will be time to start looking for those romantic activities on offer there.

Snorkeling or Scuba Diving are both romantic activities when done together, however scuba diving is always best if you are an experienced swimmer and diver, if you are a novice it is probably best and more enjoyable to experience snorkeling. Snorkeling is when you can go into the sea with a dive mask on and snorkel which allows you to swim along the top of the water but take in the sights below as you are swimming. The Caribbean is known for its crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches and because of this there are beautiful marine life and reefs to be seen together.

There are boat rides and cruises available on the island sand these have a very romantic atmosphere which is perfect for a honeymoon setting, there are private cruises available so this is the ultimate romantic setting to take in the beauty of the Caribbean scenery, it certainly is worth the extra cost just for that bit of privacy for you both.

Whether you are a horse lover or not horseback riding tours are actually a nice activity for honeymooners to experience. In Jamaica and the Bahamas there are morning or afternoon tours and they will start at a ranch or horse farm, there are horse trails which you will ride along. The best and most unique part of the activity is that they are usually advertised as ride and swims which means that in the middle of your tour you can take your horse for a dip in the beautiful clear Caribbean sea, which has to be one of the most romantic things to do on honeymoon! There is also the possibility of taking a break for a romantic picnic lunch or dinner.

The scenery on all Caribbean islands is beautiful and there is no better way than to view the scenery in all its glory than by taking a helicopter tour, this way you will see an amazing array of landscape regardless of which island you choose, for example if you are in Jamaica there are jungles, waterfalls, beaches and cliffs amongst a whole range of other breathtaking scenery. The helicopter tours offer the most unique view point of the Caribbean.

As you are in your ISLAND FRACTIONAL PROPERTY it is likely that you would rather go out for meals than cook on your honeymoon. The Restaurants in the Caribbean are some of the best around, and there are many romantic settings for honeymooners to enjoy a quiet relaxed candlelit dinner for two even maybe over looking the sea listening to the waves lap at the shore, what nicer way to end a romantic day together than sitting enjoying the beautiful range of Caribbean cuisine and enjoying each others company quietly and relaxed.