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IQ Air: Clean Air, Anyone? Clean With IQ Air   by Johnson McBrady

in Other    (submitted 2009-02-19)

One of the greatest challenges we have today is how to treat and solve the problem of pollutants that are the byproducts of our amazingly hyper-speed technological growth. There have been so many innovations that we sometimes altogether forget that every change has a consequence. One issue that bothers most if not all of us is the amount of pollution that we get through our surrounding air every day. Some of these dust and very minute particles get into our systems and cause respiratory infections and even allergies. It's a good thing that IQ Air has created some of the best air purifiers in the world.

You can choose from among four top IQ Air products:

1. IQAir 1AGUAORGU HealthPro Compact Air Cleaner. This is a smaller version of the HealthPro and the HealthPro Plus and features the same micro and nano filter technologies. With its compact size, the IQ Air HealthPro Compact Air Cleaner can be positioned in any room or small office. This air purifier acts like an upright vacuum, sucking all the dust, mites, allergens, and microorganisms in. You will be sure to stay healthy and allergy free. It also features a hyperHEPA filter that guarantees 99.5 percent efficiency.

2. IQAir 1BAUAOCGU HealthPro Air Cleaner. This type of air purifier has all the same features as its brother, the IQ Air Compact Air Cleaner, except that it comes in a bigger housing for bigger rooms and offices. It also features the same hyperHEPA filter and also guarantees 99.5 percent efficiency.

3. IQAir 1BBUAODGU HealthPro Plus Air Cleaner. The HealthPro Plus Air Cleaner is the IQ Air's best-selling product. It has all the features of the HealthPro, plus it has the V- 5 cell. The V- 5 cell is an innovative design that removes chemical odors, cat hairs, and cigar and cigarette smoke. This way you will be able to enjoy not only a clean and healthy air in your office or room, you'll also get the added benefit of your place smelling fresh all the time. This type of air purifier has the same hyperHEPA filter as the two previous air purifiers.

4. IQAir 1COUBOHGU GC MultiGas Air Cleaner. This is a slightly different type of air purifier because it works like a giant professional gas mask. This features molecular filtration for various numbers of gaseous chemicals and odors. This air purifier also features filtering capacity although its primary design is for molecular filtration. This can be used in any office or private room environment.

Whatever your need is, be it just for cleaner air or for allergy prevention, these air purifiers are sure to aid your purpose. Now you can breathe clean air even when other offices stay stuffy. And you're sure to not get asthma again any time soon.

There is a class of IQ Air Purifier that suits your needs. Say goodbye to dust, pollen, and stale odor. Get the IQ Air Purifier of your choice now and keep the air in your environment clean and fresh all day, everyday.

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