Island Adventure Guides - From the Galapagos to Easter Island

"Imagine your-self on an island adventure..." Ms. Yoga Instructor croons soothingly. My mind goes into panic overdrive - what kind of island adventure? Is it a walking down a narrow, whitewashed street with a view over an azure bay in the Mediterranean island, a wading, knee deep in tropical waters, fish nibbling at your toes island, or are you in a yellow cab being whisked along Manhattan Island's grid? My busy mind screams out: "No man is an island!" - but for each man and his tastes there is a perfect island adventure paradise.

Ms. Yoga Instructor was brought up in the Mediterranean and if she's calling the shots she describes a peaceful island adventure between the bright whites and many hues of blue of Santorini, Mykonos or Amorgos. Her island adventure involves walking from the top of a rocky island cliff overlooking a steep bay, down thorough winding streets and passages, catching glimpses of a sparkling ocean through blue roofs.

In the quiet I can almost hear the sounds of island adventures wafting from the ears of the rest of the class: there's a preference for the island adventure to be tropical. Palm trees, pale sand and the soft sound of lapping waves all feature heavily, mmmm Fiji, Vanuatu, Prasiln, the Maldives... depending on exactly what shade of bright blue you like your ocean.В 

From the minds of some waft silence, their island adventures feature peace and remoteness, making the first footprints on the island's sand, on the beaches of Belize's Caye Caulker, Fiji's Yasawa Island group, Madagascar's Nosy Be Archipelago or even better the alien dark sand of the Galapagos Islands. Or secret dreams of privacy and barefoot luxury. Images of Cousine Island, the Whitsunday Islands and Bora Bora glimmer in their eyes.