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Island Honeymoons For Your Privacy   by Richard Rspad

in Relationships / Marriage    (submitted 2006-08-10)

After the joy [and stress] of a wedding, it is time to wind down with romance. Island honeymoons are the perfect choice for getting off on the right foot with married life.

Island Honeymoons For Your Privacy

When you envision your honeymoon, you might think of a beautiful beach, a perfect sunset - with just the two of you being alone, no interruptions. Unfortunately, many of the popular honeymoon destinations don't allow for this sort of intimacy because there are so many other couples looking to do the same thing. Big resort chains and popularity can make for a less than quiet honeymoon, but there is an alternative. Island honeymoons can be a perfect way to spend time together without having to worry about being interrupted or feeling like you are one of the herd.

One of the best areas in the world to find an island where you can be alone is the South Pacific. There are plenty of islands that cater to newlyweds, but do so on a much more personal basis. Privacy is the key to your honeymoon and nearly all of these honeymoon options cater to just that subject. You will not find yourself sharing walls with others or sitting on a deck with a couple hundred other...well, couples.

One such resort is the Yasawa Island Resort in Fiji. This resort, whose name Yasawa means "heaven" in Fijian, is a perfect place for your secluded honeymoon. There are 11 white sand beaches on the island of Yasawa and the resort only has 16 luxury bures (beach bungalows) on the property. That is practically one bungalow per beach! The Lomalagi Bure was specially designed for honeymooners with plenty of privacy, a secluded outdoor eating area and beach at your door front. You can enjoy such activities as scuba diving and other water sports, as well as having relaxing massages, all while not being afraid of running into crowds. Food here is typical Fiji - with many different light dishes and seafood being the typical dinner menu.

Another of the world's greatest island honeymoon spots is Guana Island in the Caribbean. Part of the British Virgin Islands, this small island contains accommodations for just 36 guests and has seven different beaches. If you really want seclusion, however, this island can be just what you're looking for because you can rent the entire island. Rates are steep, starting at $16,500 per day for the entire island, but it is surely one honeymoon you will never forget. For mere mortals, Guana Island still offers seclusion at a much lower price because of the small number of guests allowed at one time. Couples stay in their own private cottages. Accommodations include three meals a day, as well as massages and other amenities.

Island honeymoons are perfect for the couple who has a bit more money to spend and really wants to be alone. If you really want alone time and are willing to pay extra for it, spending time in one of these exotic island resorts can be just the honeymoon you are looking for.