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Team Trails Announces Major Changes for 2011

Team Trails Entry Fee - $100 with 70% payback at ramp.

Couples Trail Entry Fee - $75 with 70% payback at ramp.

Youth Trail Entry Fee - $50 with 70% payback at ramp

2011 AOY Anglers fish free with free membership – All Trails

Fish any Five to Qualify for Championship



Team Trails set the Pace for the Winter Trails
Starting with the beginning of the 10/11 season Team Trails sets the tone for its winter/spring championship on Columbus Lake. March 23rd thru the 26th will be the official event and will be the mark for records to be broken with those springtime bites. Yes the bass will be on the bed & it should be a time to remember. Make your plans to fish one of our winter trails as we will only have 5 events in each winter division & you can either fish all 5 events in one of the trails or pick any 5 events to qualify. Find more information at www.fishteamtrails.com 
See you at the ramp