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Selecting The Perfect Trout Fishing Flies To Ensure A Good Catch - Outdoors - Fishing

Selecting The Perfect Trout Fishing Flies To Ensure A Good Catch   by Steve Lonewolf

in Outdoors / Fishing    (submitted 2010-07-25)

If you ask any fishing enthusiast around the world about his cherished dream, chances are you would hear him/her say catching a trophy trout. Most people think that, because trout is the most commonly found fish in the world, it is very easy to catch. Well, one could not be farther from the truth. Fly fishing for trout is a very challenging and a very interesting hobby indeed.

For some, trout fishing is even a full time career option. And these people, who have tons of experience behind them, pass down the secrets through generations. Although trout fishing does involve a certain amount of luck, as does other sports, knowing a few rules about the game can make your task a whole lot easier.

As with catching other types of fish, the most important factor in trout catching is also the trout fishing flies. There are thousands of trout flies available out there and a beginner could easily get flummoxed on seeing such a varied choice.

Therefore, it is always best that, when in doubt, choose the most trusted one which has been used by many around the world since ages and very successfully indeed. Talking about the most trusted trout flies, Pheasant Trail has to be the top of the list.

What makes flies excellent bait for trout is its striking resemblance to mayfly nymphs, insects that are commonly found in the rivers. And when fish catching, it is always about using the most natural of flies, isn't it?

Copper John is another trout fly which is used by many around the world. The strip of Flashbou attached to its body gives it a realistic appeal, resembling part mayfly and part stonefly. Another advantage of using Copper John is the fact that its weight allows it to flow easily in fast currents because of which it can go deep in the water and lure the fish to the surface.

Continuing with the list of effective trout flies, the Hare's Ear is another one which deserves mention here. The "buggy" appearance of this fly makes it look like stone, mayfly and even caddis, all three of which form a major portion of trout's diet. This fishing fly can even be used as a dropper for those looking for dry options in flies.

Moving on, Royal Coachman cannot be missed out when discussing trout fishing flies. This again resembles a golden pheasant and can make for a great lure for trout under water.