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The Fijian Islands Offer A Distinctive Holiday Destination   by Arthur Stewartin

in Travel    (submitted 2013-02-04)

Ever heard of the name Fiji before? It is several islands nestled in the southern portion of the Pacific Ocean. They are composed of several islands such as the Vitu Levu, Vanua Levu, Kadawa, Taveuni, Yasawa and many other islands. Of these islands, Taveuni is one of the well-loved destinations among tourists. Tourists cannot help but be captivated with the charm and serenity that characterize these islands. There are volcanic mountains, tropical waters and rainforests, and it's where you'll find Tagimaucia, a beautiful and rare flower endemic to the islands. There are likewise hillocks and coconut plantations along with a number of amazing beaches where visitors can spend their Fijian Islands holiday basking under the sun.

There is no shortage of attractions and things to do while in Fiji as they have developed diving resorts as well as water parks in many of the districts. Many visitors are always drawn towards the intense diving and water sports activities the islands have to offer. In addition, you can go shopping around Suva Island (the Islands' capital city) or go exploring its surrounding highlands. You probably would like to spend the weekends in remote villages where visitors are treated to the traditional drink they call kava. You might also want to go snorkeling in their beaches.

Taveuni has the most developed accommodation facilities among the Fijian islands. You can marvel at the panoramic sight of the radiant Pacific blue waters, while enjoying the warmth of the weather beneath thatched roofs fashioned in authentic Fijian style. Tourists also love the indoor & outdoor shower facilities as well as specially tiled flooring. They have king sized beds in most bedrooms and ceiling fans that blow cool air at all times. Add to all these, a highly professional hotel staff and chefs particularly, are going to make your holidays a really rewarding experience.

The different diving resorts as well snorkeling beaches have highly trained attendants who will lead you throughout your entire holiday and your pleasure is their sole interest. There are several scuba diving facilities and water parks built where you'll encounter sharks while swimming below the surface. You don't have to worry though as your safety is their utmost concern and they have shark experts who will take very good care of you and your family. Most vacationers also love the mountain trekking adventure they get to experience in the Fijian islands, particularly in the Nausori highlands as well as the southern area of the Taveuni Mountains. Just see this site for details.

Several other tourist attractions include kayaking and canoe tours, surfing the waves, and snorkeling in deep waters during the night. You can use resort equipment for water skiing or water scooters for additional vacation charges. Most resorts likewise offer spa services to help tourists clear their mind of the tension from their day to day activities and to simply indulge in the pleasures that Fijian Islands Holiday has to offer.