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The Perfect Romantic Getaway - A Virgin Islands Yacht Charter   by Matthew Johnston

in Travel / Cruises    (submitted 2010-03-17)

The Virgin Islands, off the coast of Puerto Rico are your gateway to the rest of the Caribbean. This group of Islands is actually divided into two separate political entities - the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. However they have quite a few things in common, namely a pleasant temperate climate, the bluest of oceans, long stretches of virtually desolate beaches, lush green mountains and forests, a warm & friendly bunch of people, adding up to everything you want for a great escape. And the perfect way to do that is with a Virgin Island yacht charter.

The harbour at St. Thomas Island in the US Virgin Islands is a popular starting point for a Virgin Island yacht charter. Before you set off, you might want to spend the day shopping, dining, clubbing and possibly even going for a submarine ride at Charlotte Amalie. Next, head to St. John's Island where you can indulge in water sports to your heart's content. Snorkel your way into the Watermelon Cay at Leinster Bay or the Trunk Bay. If you're up for it, Cinnamon Bay offers kayaking and windsurfing as well as some great sight-seeing opportunities. Once you've had your fill, head to St. Croix to the Salt River Bay where Columbus sailed hundreds of years ago. St. Croix also has its share of beautiful beaches; however its highlight is Buck Island which is a large underwater monument, surrounded by a coral reef which is home to some of the exotic water species in the world.

If all this sounds dreamy enough, your Virgin Islands yacht charter still has about half way to go. Sail towards Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands, and anchor at Soper's Hole or any of the six anchorages, meant for yachts and boats. Laze around on secluded beaches or indulge in a little swimming and snorkelling. Explore the ruins at Fort Recovery and Fort Burt, shop at Road Town, and enjoy a sumptuous local meal of lobster, spicy goat and Johnny Cakes before sailing off the Virgin Gorda.

Virgin Gorda offers some luxurious relaxation opportunities. The Bitter End Yacht Club is famous for the privacy that it offers its patrons, since it's accessible only by water (good thing you have a chartered yacht). The beaches of Virgin Gorda are equally secluded and perfect for honeymooning couples. Sail towards The Baths, a series grottos and pools formed naturally out of granite which make a famous spot for swimming and snorkelling.