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Tourist Attractions in Lakshadweep Islands - Best Visiting Spots   by Dr Easton Patrick

in Travel / Vacation Rentals    (submitted 2011-03-28)

Lakshadweep Islands, the exclusive union territory born out of coral reefs is a best known tourist spot in India. Enchanting sight scenes in Lakshadweep make the land a real paradise on earth. Land is a composition of beautiful islands glittering with sandy beaches, crystal clear shallow water, coconut palms, coral reefs and lagoons. Rich collection of flora and fauna bounded in this pleasing ecosystem makes the place a wonderland. Lakshadweep Islands meaning one lakh islands include three reefs, five submerged bank and twelve atolls. Kalpeni, Kadmat, Agatti, Amini, Andrott, Bitra, Chetlat, Kavaratti, Minicoy and Kitlan are the ten inhabited islands among Lakshadweep Islands. Most of the people residing in Lakshadweep Islands follow Arab and Hindu culture. Now let's go deep into the beautiful tourist spots in Lakshadweep.

Dazzling Kalpeni Island is one among the best tourist spots in Lakshadweep. Charming beauty of lagoons touching Kalpeni Island creates a wonderful presentation for viewers. This piece of land is a composition of three uninhabited islands. Pitti, Koomel and Thilakkm are the three islands crowning Kalpeni Island. Tourists can enjoy their trip with interesting activities like boating, reef walk and snorkel. Amazing sight scenes of Minicoy Islands situated in Lakshadweep Islands is a known centre of tourist attraction. Plot constitutes ten villages known as Athiris headed by an elected person known as Moopan.

Light house constructed during the ruling period of British in the year 1885 is a major draw of attraction for tourist. Boat building and tuna fishing are some of the activities distinguishing Minicoy Islands. Agatti Island, coming under inhabited group of Lakshadweep Islands is the place where only airport is situated. Kadmat Islands, famous for boat riding, scuba diving, canoeing and water sporting is yet another hot tourist spot in Lakshadweep. Scenic beauty of Kadmat Islands bounded by lagoons on both sides make the beauty of plot remarkable and admiring. If you are interested in taking a sunbath, Kadmat Islands is an ideal place. Lush green coconut palms and blue lagoons make the island view sensational.

Kavarati Islands, administrative headquarters of Lakshadweep Islands is another best known tourist spot which attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. Historical mosques seen in Lakshadweep Islands clearly depict traditional Arab culture. Studies say that, Saint Mohinuddin introduced Islam to Lakshadweep. Today, most of the people living in Lakshadweep Islands belong to Islamic religion. Amazing view of Ujra Mosque sizzling with exclusive driftwood ceiling is astonishing and eye catching. Well water in Ujra Mosque is considered as sacred water for curing diseases.

Water sporting is the important gaming option available in this busiest island. Journey in glass bottom boat describes the rare marine life of Lakshadweep. Dolphin drive centre located in Kavarati Islands is a favorite destination for water sports enthusiasts. Bengaram Islands, born in tear drop shape is yet another tourist spot in Lakshadweep. Bengaram Islands enclosed in a halo of silvery sand is famous for fine beaches and snorkeling. Alluring sight scenes of Lakshadweep make it one among the most spectacular islands in the world.