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Tropical Island Vacation - Your Dream Vacation   by elmer1111a

in Travel / Travel Reviews    (submitted 2009-03-28)

Tropical islands located close to the equator offer a perfect setting for a memorable vacation. With warm weather round the year you can plan a tropical island vacation at any time. What's more, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the vacation spot. You can choose - the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Fiji islands, Bora Bora or any other exotic place to holiday in.

The Caribbean Islands are a vacationer's delight. With opportunities for swimming, diving, snorkeling and fishing along with being surrounded by the beauty and bounty of nature to enthrall you, you feel as if you are in the seventh heaven. There are many islands in the Caribbean which you can choose like Jamaica or Barbados, Bahamas, or the British Virgin Islands.

A tropical island vacation in Hawaii is something that everyone wishes to have on their travel itinerary. Well, Hawaii indeed is a dream vacation with lush green tropical vegetation and luxury resorts. If you are lucky you might also catch a Hollywood movie being shot at the Big Island. The Big Island is a famous island in Hawaii which has been used as a backdrop in many films. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and beautiful waterfalls also enthrall you. If you love teeing away, then Maui is the place to be in. It has 16 golf courses. Oahu however, is the most popular amongst the cluster of islands in Hawaii.

If the color of beach sand is what amazes you then Fiji will certainly take your breath away. Its azure waters and white beaches will amaze you to no end. Yasawa Island resort or Vatulele, whichever island is your chosen destination you are in for the time of your life. Prices are affordable for every budget so you can relax. Fiji is particularly popular as a tourist friendly island in terms of rates and other facilities.

Your other option to choose Bora Bora islands in Tahiti which have coral reefs protecting their beaches. These islands are a vacationer's paradise because they offer luxury resorts where an overwhelming experience is guaranteed. Tropical islands are a gift of nature and a must for all to experience. So have you begun to plan for your tropical island vacation? It could be the best possible getaway that you could enjoy with your family, leaving all your stress and tension behind. You will get mesmerized by the beauty of your surroundings and the culture of the local people around you would be a memorable experience. If it's not with family then also you can enjoy your tropical island vacation on your own and rediscover yourself.

A tropical island vacation needs to be perfectly scheduled so that one is able to enjoy everything that these locations offer. Don't forget to click loads of pictures as they will always bring back the memories of the spectacular vacation you had!