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Trout Fishing Can Be Fun and Exercise at the Same Time

Trout fishing is an art. It is an outdoor game where you and the fish are the opposing teams. Both try to outwit the other and the one with more patience and carefulness would win. Since most trout live in fresh water and are intelligent, you should be careful enough not to tip off your target of impending danger. They are voracious fishes and would eat anything from sweet corn to small fries. Their mouths are smaller than that of the bass and their bodies are much more streamlined for a life full of struggle.

Angling is not just the process of throwing the line into the water and waiting for a bite. You have to select the right spot, the right lures and rods etc and should posses the right attitude. Baits like minnows and worms are highly attractive to the fish while artificial baits that leave a trail of color and scent in the water are equally effective in still waters. The hooks, bobbers, split shot sinkers, reels and lines have to be checked for defects before casting the line.

Take fishing as a pastime and not a war. Be at peace with yourself. Fishing expeditions are more fun than struggle. An outing to outwit the fish can be rejuvenating and stimulating both for your body and spirits. It is for no reason that many corporate honchos and busy executives would fling some fishing and camping paraphernalia into the back of their pickup trucks and head straight to the countryside whenever they get time. A day or two of fishing can help them recover, both mentally and physically and make them strong enough to make split-second decisions at workplaces. It is no wonder that many fishing grounds are packed with backpackers and campers during weekends and other holidays.

No talk of fishing expeditions would be complete without adding some words on the fishing lures available presently. Surface fishing lures, which imitate surface bobbing live bait, are highly effective, if used skillfully. The popping sounds and the movements would attract every trout in the vicinity. You need to move the lures on the surface continuously in order to make them look like real fish food. Jig fishing lures consist of a sharp pointed hook and a lead head opposite to it.