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Visiting A Fishing Vacation Resort In Panama - Travel - Destinations

Visiting A Fishing Vacation Resort In Panama   by Ben Pate

in Travel / Destinations    (submitted 2012-05-06)

Panama is a great destination that offers many great activities that are sure to please anyone. One of the most popular pastimes when visiting is fishing in Panama. For this reason there are many fishing resort Panama deals. For those who enjoy a unique destination as well as sport fishing Panama is the place to go.

Panama Fishing

Panama is located in Central America and is the most southern of the continent. It is a country with a booming economy and tourism industry. Panama also offers a jungle that is home to a great diversity of tropical plants, birds, and animals. Many of which cannot be found anywhere else. Because Panama is located on the isthmus that connects North and South America and borders both the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean it is also a popular destination for those interested in sport fishing.


Panama is relatively easy to get to and offers many activities that are great for the entire family to enjoy. Fishing is one of the most popular activities and Panama offers world class waters teaming with Black marlin and other large fish. Panama’s location makes it not only a great destination for fishing, but for many water activities and nature hikes as well.

Other Activities

On the other side of Panama lies the Pinas Bay and the Zane Gray Reef; these inlets are also world renowned as best fishing spots. There are also many fishing resorts that can be found in eh area that cater to those looking for a sport fishing adventure. Panama offers a variety of activities, ones of them is fishing. This is prominent in the Gulf of Chiriquà and is notorious for being one of the best fishing spots in Central America.


Other activities that are popular when visiting Panama include hiking, visiting the Quetzal trail located within the Boquete National Park. There is also a popular Zip Line Canopy. Visitors frequently enjoy horseback riding, birding, and coffee tasting. Water activities including fishing also are abundant. This includes scuba diving, snorkelling, white water rafting, kayaking, boating, and venturing to the Hot springs of a dormant volcano.


Other destinations when visiting Panama include the Cobia National Marine Park, which is commonly known as the Galapagos of Central America for it’s plethora of rare species. Scuba diving and snorkelling are popular activities at this location. There is the second largest volcanic caldera called El Valle. The Islas Secas which offers world-class sport fishing, the La Amistad international park. Whale watching is popular at the Parque Nacional Marino Golfo de Chiriquà . Panama also has many national parks to venture to including the Volcan Baru which is where Panamas highest peak is located.