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What Are the Steps For Montauk Fishing Tournament   by Carol Moore

in Sports / Other Sports    (submitted 2011-12-13)

Montauk is the census designated place and is a well renowned tourist spot. It has about six state parks and Montauk claims to be the only one having massive records of salt water fishing than any other port in the world. Montauk Surfcasting, Montauk Fishing Tournament can be certainly called as the major reasons why tourists rush to this spot of Long Island. Montauk Surfcasting is quite enjoyable and when considers to enter the Montauk Fishing Tournament then one need to better check out the six week tournament in spring called Spring shoot out as well as the Fall classic held in the following month. The fishing tradition is something passed on from adults to the younger generation. This can be the main reason why the fishing tournaments are conducted for teens, men as well as women. Surf masters of varied charters have also come forward to be the sponsors for teens in the fishing tournament. This is done to purely improve the interests in the teens to take part in the sport of fishing. Anyone willing to enter in the above said tournaments must be a member of the Montauk surf masters committee. Any nonmembers who wish to participate in the tournament must be approved by the committee of the Surf masters. The boundaries within which the angles must be cast are told to each person entering this sport.

An entry fee is charged for those who wish to fish in East Hampton Spring shoot out. On the other hand there is no entry fee for those teens under the 18 years of age. and these teens in the fishing tournament are asked to get the weigh in slip in the allotted weigh stations. as soon as they catch the fish of a large size. Wet suits, rafts, flippers, prams, skishing are all not allowed. Only one rod per person is allowed.

Moreover the rods must be held in hand by the participants the dead sticking is not allowed. One can weigh only one fish[their best catch] per day and that must be weighed in the allotted weigh stations. Women who had come out to enjoy the angling experience can get the fish landing assistance and they must also follow all the above rules.

The one who catches the best weighed bass will be getting a cash prize of 100 dollars. Moreover the ones with less weight also get consolation prizes. At the end of the busy tournament every participant and his companion would be enjoying hearty meal/dinner. It is a good thing to enter the various fishing tournaments. One can get a good experience out there in the sea fishing for the best bass, Blue fish, fluke and well the happiness one gets is awesome! So be sure to join and try your luck fishing in the summer/spring/autumn tournaments. I bet your experience would last for the rest of your life.